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Is a fridge just a fridge?

Having the most suitable refrigeration for your laboratory’s temperature-sensitive bioproducts, means understanding key differences between types of refrigerators that are available.

Just keeping items inside a fridge, cold or frozen, is no longer sufficient. Storing medicines and other expensive biological products means the highest standards of refrigeration are demanded. In Australia, government regulatory bodies for the agricultural research, pharmaceuticals and food safety industries have temperature requirements for safe storage of different bioproducts.

Most research laboratories use specifically designed laboratory refrigeration units that meet the requirements for biomaterial storage, and are unmatched by residential and commercial refrigeration systems. Laboratory refrigerators are purposefully designed and manufactured for the storage of medical products, and temperature or heat sensitive biological specimens.

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Cold chain management with portable ultra-low freezers

Maintaining continuous cold storage until delivery is important for laboratories regularly transporting temperature-sensitive biological products between sites.

Laboratory products represent significant investments of time and resources. Having an efficient cold supply chain helps protect your facility’s biological assets and ensures their integrity, particularly if they are being used to treat patients. Pharmaceutical biological products that are temperature sensitive are required to be delivered at the approved storage temperature. [1]

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How Ultra-Low Temperature Free-Piston Freezers Can Protect Your Research

Ultra-Low Temperature Free-Piston Freezers

Having a reliable ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer in your research laboratory not only stores research samples safely but also protects fragile specimens from degradation during an unexpected power outage. A power outage or a refrigeration system failure can put years of specimen samples in jeopardy.

In 2012, during Hurricane Sandy, researchers at the New York University (NYU) School of Medicine lost electrical infrastructure to their research laboratory which cut off supply to their freezers. Despite their valiant efforts carrying samples on dry ice down 18 flights of stairs, the extended power outage destroyed 25 years of specimens contained in their freezers [1].

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New BEAM Equipment Monitoring with SMS

BEAM Equipment Monitor with SMS

Bioline is pleased to announce the release of our newly developed B.E.A.M Equipment monitor with SMS alerts. This module can be installed on any critical equipment and alert of power outages or temperature alarms. The module comes with its own battery backup and SIM card so it will operate independantly of any power dependant alert systems.

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Why ATEX Approved Fridges & Freezers Are Important To Work Safely In Hazardous Area

ATEX-approved fridges and freezers are important to safe working environments.

During the day-to-day operations of many research facilities, flammable gases, mists, vapours, or combustible dusts may be released, creating a potentially explosive atmosphere that is dangerous for health and safety in the workplace.

When these hazardous flammable substances mix with air, equipment in the laboratory is capable of igniting the explosive atmosphere even when the equipment is working properly without faults.

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Save 70% on electricity costs with LED Plant Growth Lighting

Bioline is pleased to announce a partnering with LumiGrow in the US. LumiGrow manufacturers class leading LED grow lights for glass house lighting and almost any other horticultural application. Now you can have great LED lights for your plants, as well as great customer service and local support & warrranty.

Grow More, Save More with

LumiGrow LED Lighting

Save up to 70% on electricity costs - LED Lighting with 100% usable Spectrum.

LumiGrow Pro 650

Say goodbye to heat, and declining PAR output from conventional fluro or HID Lighting Fixtures.

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