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Horizontal Autoclaves


Horizontal Benchtop Laboratory Autoclave, 65L, DB-65

Model # 1920

- 65L capacity - Automatic autoclave door closure with safety-lock system - Sterilisation temperature up to 140 degrees C - 4 sterilisation programs - Flexible PT-100 temperature sensor for reference vessel - Medium temperature-controlled sterilization time - Internal memory for documentation of up to 500 sterilization cycles (16MB) - Electronic pressure sensor for pressure and temperature control - Autoclave validation port - Prepared for subsequent printer installation - ‘Autofill’ - Automatic de-mineralized water feed for steam generation Autoclaves for the laboratory Bioline Global Pty Ltd is the Australian distributor for Systec Labs, a reknown laboratory autoclave manufacturer in Germany. Systec autoclaves are world known for their laboratory specific design and ease of use. Bioline has a team of laboratory autoclave experts ready to answer your questions and assist you in making the correct choice when choosing your new laboratory autoclave. Autoclaves have long been labelled as being the cause of many interruptions and delays in laboratories...no more, with a laboratory autoclave from Bioline, backed by our team of experts and service engineers you can rest assured that the end of your autoclave woes are in sight. Call today for a customised quote and special price on your new laboratory autoclave. 1800 210 805

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Systec Autoclaves
415V AC (Three Phase)
12 Months