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Ultrapure Lab Water Systems

OptiFill-Dispenser-BEDIENUNG-2MB Fliessschema OmniaPure GB Omnia-Filterwechsel-1MB

OmniaPure Ultra Pure UV/UF Water System

Model # 18200003

When your need is for highest quality pure water that fulfils the demands of analytical and life science laboratory requirements, then one of these OmniaPure UV systems type 1 will be right for you. The incorporated pre-treatment constantly ensures the reliability of your experimental results and reduces running costs. Includes UV lamp and UF UltraFilter for Rnase/Dnase free water. Features - OptiFill dispenser is standard - Change cartridge based on conductivity - Spent filter is quickly changed - Dispense at up to 2l/min - Leakage sensor is standard - Integrated pressure reducer is standard - Precise volume control - Ready-to-use, including filter cartridges

Additional Information

390x525x720mm (incl dispenser height)
Ion exchange, RO or Distilled
up to 2l/min
Stakpure Germany
90-240V AC(Single Phase)
12 months